Hydrochloric Scrubber Tank Ultrasonic Level Measurement

 Hydrochloric Scrubber Tank Liquid Level Sensor
 Hydrochloric Scrubber Tank Liquid Level Transmitter

When a Texas chemical distributor needed reliable level measurement of their acid scrubber tanks, they turned to Flowline. The company supplies hydrochloric acid via rail-fed terminals throughout the Gulf Coast. Each terminal uses Flowline radar sensors on their storage tanks, and ultrasonic sensors on their scrubber tanks. Because HCI is vaporous, corrosive and environmentally harmful, the gas from each bulk tank is periodically pumped through wet scrubbers to separate and remove the pollutants. There the operators have standardized on our ultrasonic level sensors due to their proven reliability and longevity in this difficult application. The ultrasonic sensors provide reliable level data to the PLC, which controls the transfer, scrubber and treatment processes. Flowline is reliable level measurement.