Water UV Disinfection Channel Ultrasonic Flow Measurement

 Water UV Disinfection Channel Weir Ultrasonic Flow Sensor
 Water UV Disinfection Channel Weir Ultrasonic Flow Transmitter

When a Gulf Coast water treatment plant needed reliable level measurement of their UV disinfection channels, they turned to Flowline. To reduce chemical costs and eliminate the time required for clear well disinfection, the plant installed ultraviolet channels on their gravity sand filters. As water passes through the 12 foot channels, the ultraviolet light irradiates the remaining micro-organisms, and the clean drinking water is released for consumption. Reliable non-contact open channel measurement was needed to monitor the flow rates through each weir with indication and alarms. For this reason, Flowline suggested our ultrasonic sensors, relay controllers and windowed enclosures. The ultrasonic sensors provide reliable level data to the controllers, which indicate the flow rates and alarm when out of range. Flowline is reliable level measurement.