LevelTap App

With the LevelTap App, users can easily connect to EchoBeam radar level sensors via Bluetooth, view level or flow information, configure and adjust settings or set up advanced functions, all from the palm of your hand. Download LevelTap below.


The information screen displays the measured value, summarizes the model type and build, and provides access to the configuration menu for each sensor.


Step-by-step configuration easily walks you through typical sensor setup with clear illustration, definition and pull down menu prompts for each step.


Advanced functions include volumetric tank level or open channel flow configuration, and tools such as EchoCurve to address unique scenarios.

Quick Adjust

Quick adjust allows authorized users to swiftly access, review and modify an existing sensor configuration from the ground or nearby cat-walk.


Download your free LevelTap App at the Apple Store or Google Play, register and go to Demo Sensors. There you can view and interact with configuration examples prior to sensor purchase.


LevelTap utilizes pair code authentication with user defined write protect to securely access and configure compatible devices over Bluetooth.