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New EchoBeam 80-GHz Radar Level Sensor Video

EchoBeam provides reliable, flexible, simple and maintenance-free level and flow measurement of liquid […]

New Multi-Language Success Stories Now Available

To view level success in your desired language, go to Application Success and […]

EchoBeam is Reliable, Flexible, Simple and Maintenance Free

Flowline proudly introduces EchoBeam, the latest addition to our comprehensive portfolio of field-proven […]

See Us At Powder & Bulk Solids Show August 24th-25th

Flowline radar level sensors provide reliable non-contact level measurement of grains, pellets, powders […]

Virtual Technical and Level Sales Support Available Now

To book your virtual technical or sales support video call, go to Virtual […]

New Radar and Ultrasonic Level Sensor Location Video

Sensor location is the first step to reliable level measurement. Learn the obstacles […]

Serving Our Level Customers, Shipping Products, Always

Your level supply partner remains dedicated to meeting your requirements through and beyond […]

Your Level Product And Application Support Is Online

Get your product, application or customer service support via Chat from 8:00 am […]

Your Best Solids Radar Level Sensors Are Here

Starting from $2600, the EchoPro CSA and IECEx approved intrinsically safe pulse radar […]

Your Best Long Range Ultrasonic Level Sensor Is Here

Starting from $750, the EchoPod general purpose ultrasonic sensor provides reliable, non-contact level […]

Your Best Process Radar Level Sensors Now Have HART

Starting from $1900, the EchoPro CSA and ATEX approved intrinsically safe pulse radar […]

Your Best Small Tank IS Ultrasonic Level Sensor Is Here

Starting from $550, the EchoTouch CSA and IECEx approved intrinsically safe ultrasonic sensor […]

Flowline Wins Breakthrough Level Product of the Year

Processing Magazine selected Flowline to receive their Breakthrough Product of the Year Award […]

Reflective Ultrasonic Level Measurement Video

Condensation is the most common variable in liquid level applications, and it degrades […]

Flowline Delivers Level Reliability With ISO 9001:2015

Your level best partner is now ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certified by […]

Level Product Management Team Expands with Growth

Adrian Totten has joined Flowline as Product Manager and will team with Phil […]

New Flowline Level Solutions Brochure Available Now

Click to view or request a copy of your 28-page liquid and solids […]

New EchoPro Pulse Radar Level Sensors

CSA and ATEX certified, EchoPro intrinsically safe pulse radar sensors satisfy your most […]

See Us At Alan Plummer Associates September 11th

See us at Alan Plummer Associates in Dallas on September 11th for lunch […]

Join Our New Facebook and LinkedIn Level Communities

Join our new Facebook and LinkedIn communities of level measurement and control fanatics. […]

See Us At Roseland Oil & Gas Show October 17-18th

See us at the Roseland Oil and Gas Show on October 17-18 at […]

New Guided Wave Level Sensor Order Flexibility

Flowline has repositioned the ordering and fulfillment model on our EchoWave® guided wave […]

Expanded Ultrasonic Level Sensor Process Temperature

Flowline’s new EchoPod general purpose and EchoTouch intrinsically safe ultrasonic liquid level transmitters […]

New Level Sensor Sample Case Available Now

The Level Solution Case features our new reflective ultrasonic, pulse radar and guided […]

New Ultrasonic Level Sensors With Reflective Technology

Flowline introduces our EchoPod general purpose and EchoTouch intrinsically safe level sensors with […]

DONHO Appointed Flowline Level Distributor In Taiwan

Congratulations to DONHO, our newly appointed distributor in Taiwan. DONHO Vice President, Ming-Hua […]

New General Purpose Guided Wave Level Sensors

Flowline introduces our EchoWave guided wave level sensors for small storage, skid or […]

Sales Conference With Ryan Herco Flow Solutions

Flowline was one of fourteen supply partners who attended Ryan Herco Flow Solutions […]

New Level Best Website, Brand Presentation and Tools

Flowline’s new website features our revised brand presentation and new tools such as […]

Level Seminar With Harrington Industrial Plastics

Flowline hosted the Southern California sales team of Harrington Industrial Plastics for a […]

New General Purpose Pulse Radar Level Sensors

Flowline introduces our new EchoPulse pulse radar liquid level transmitters for general purpose […]

Ozwater Exhibition with Fusion in Melbourne Australia

Flowline participated in Ozwater with Fusion in Melbourne, Australia. Congratulations to team Fusion […]

New Level Sensor Tank Lab for Reliability Testing

Flowline installs a new engineering tank lab for verification testing. The ISO 9001 […]