Remote Tank Monitoring Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

Remote Tank Inventory Monitoring Tank Liquid Level Sensor
Remote Tank Inventory Monitoring Liquid Level Sensor When a Central California municipality needed reliable level measurement of their remote water storage tanks, they turned to Flowline. The tanks are located high above the valley floor where they gravity feed several thousand homes with drinking water. With no power onsite, the operators grew tired of periodically driving to each location, and manually checking tank levels. For this reason, they installed solar-powered monitoring systems with Flowline ultrasonic sensors. The systems wake up twice a day, take a measurement and transit the data via long range WIFI to a base station, where the data is ported for IoT use. The ultrasonic sensors provide periodic level data to the IoT cloud software, which in turn, datalogs the tanks, and alarms for refilling. Flowline is reliable level measurement.