Reliable Cooling Tower Basin Ultrasonic Level Sensor

Reliable Cooling Tower Sump Liquid Level Sensor
Reliable Cooling Tower Sump Liquid Level Sensor When the University of Kansas Medical Center needed reliable level measurement of their cooling towers, they turned to Flowline. Climate control is critical to the healthcare, research and education provided at the facility, and the maintenance staff identified sump level control as their number one reliability problem. Tired of replacing corroding or sticking level switches, they installed non-contact ultrasonic level sensors. But they experienced intermittent performance, as condensation would build up on the transducer face and attenuate the acoustic measurement signal. For this reason, Flowline suggested the use of our patent pending reflective ultrasonic liquid level sensors that work in condensation. The ultrasonic sensor provides continuous level data to the SCADA, which in turn, monitors and periodically refills the sump. Flowline is reliable level measurement.