Vineyard Well Storage Tank Ultrasonic Level Measurement

Vineyard Well Storage Tank Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensor
Vineyard Well Storage Tank Ultrasonic Liquid Level Transmitter

When a California winery needed reliable level measurement of their well storage tanks, they turned to Flowline. With ground water declining and drill permits on hold, farmers must maximize the efficiency of existing wells. As many wells are tied into the same aquifer, they impact one another and efficiency requires a networked approach with level measurement versus switches. By measuring tank fill rate, the SCADA can determine well health to best manage pump speeds, recharge times and water distribution across the network. Their system integrator required maintenance free level sensors designed for outdoor use. For this reason, Flowline suggested our non-contact ultrasonic sensors. The ultrasonic sensors provide reliable level data to the SCADA which controls the wells. Flowline is reliable level measurement.