Neutralization Chem-Feed Tank Ultrasonic Level Measurement

Neutralization Chemical Feed Tank Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensor

Neutralization Chemical Feed Tank Ultrasonic Liquid Level Transmitter

When a California almond farm company needed reliable level measurement of their sulfuric acid chemical feed tanks, they turned to Flowline. As the continued drought forces Central Valley growers to dig deeper wells, their mineral composition changes and often requires treatment. For example, this farm recently pushed into a high pH aquifer, and now they inject sulfuric acid into the distribution pipes exiting each well. The operator, who ran out of chemical several times, then contracted with an integrator to install a long range WIFI monitoring system. With so, the integrator needed a reliable, corrosion resistant level sensor, that’s compatible with each chemical and designed for outdoor use. For this reason, Flowline suggested our reflective ultrasonic sensor. The ultrasonic sensor provides reliable level data to the WIFI system which transmits the inventory status to their operations center. Flowline is reliable level measurement.