Settling Basin Water Tank Guided Wave Level Measurement

Culvert Water Basin Guided Wave Liquid Level Sensor

Culvert Water Basin Tank Guided Wave Liquid Level Transmitter

When a California municipality needed reliable level measurement of their basin water tank, they turned to Flowline. Adjacent to mountains, muddy water and plant debris pass through the culvert to a settling basin. Before and after a major rain, the basin is typically excavated with heavy equipment. The location is remote, there’s no power or water, and the potential for fire is high. A water tank sits 250 feet above the site, and gravity feeds back to the basin for equipment cleaning or fire mitigation. The city required a rugged metal level sensor that would work with a portable 12V battery powered display box that they could use to check the level, and when necessary, dispatch a water tanker. For this reason, Flowline suggested our guided wave sensor that’s ideal for metallic tank applications. The guided wave sensor provides reliable level data to the battery powered display. Flowline is reliable level measurement.