Shipyard Wastewater Sump Radar Level Measurement

Shipyard Wastewater Sump Radar Liquid Level Sensor

Shipyard Wastewater Sump Radar Liquid Level Transmitter

When a West Coast shipyard needed reliable level measurement of their waste pump lift stations, they turned to Flowline. The firm provides maintenance services to small freighters, commercial fishing vessels and workboats. The sounds of banging, grinding, welding, sanding and painting fills the space, as an array of residual material falls to the ground. A vacuum truck sweeps the yard daily, but it doesn’t get it all. Rain and periodic wash downs, push what’s left into sumps that transfer the waste into treatment. There the operator complained that past ultrasonic level sensors were unreliable after wash downs, when foaming chemicals entered the pits. For this reason, Flowline suggested our radar sensors that are unaffected by foam, condensation or turbulence. The radar sensors radar sensors provide reliable level data to the PLC, which monitors the sumps and controls the waste transfer process. Flowline is reliable level measurement.