Reservoir Pump Lift Station Radar Level Measurement

 Reservoir Pump Lift Station Radar Level Sensor

 Reservoir Pump Lift Station Radar Level Transmitter

When an Ozark community needed reliable level measurement of their reservoir pumping station, they turned to Flowline. Through which, water is frequently pumped from the Lake of the Ozarks to a small reservoir that feeds the water treatment plant. During heavy rain, the surrounding red clay soil washes into the lake, and the water clouds with particulates that eventually settle to the muddy bottom. Over time, the particulates also enter the pump basin and fill the bottom with fine silt. There, the plant operators grew tired of regularly cleaning pressure level sensors that would otherwise clog, fail and cause problems. Additionally, they wanted a roadside display that would allow them to verify the sensor without exiting their vehicle. For these reasons, Flowline suggested our non-contact radar sensors that come with a field mount indicator. The radar sensor provides reliable level data to the SCADA system, which monitors the basin and controls the pumps. Flowline is reliable level measurement.