Ammonia Gas Diffusion Tank Radar Level Measurement

 Ammonia Gas Diffusion Tank Radar Liquid Level Sensor
 Ammonia Gas Diffusion Tank Radar Liquid Level Transmitter

When a North Carolina meat processor needed reliable level measurement of their ammonia gas diffusion tank, they turned to Flowline. Processed meat is temporarily stored in 35º lockers awaiting transportation. Each has its own refrigeration unit that periodically releases hazardous and corrosive ammonia gas through a pressure relief valve. The gas is collected, pumped through a water diffusion tank, and then safely released to the atmosphere. There plant operators complained that previous metal float switches would corrode and required near annual replacement. They needed reliable, intrinsically safe level control. For these reasons, Flowline suggested our non-contact radar sensors that are corrosion resistant, intrinsically safe and unaffected by vapor within the vessel. The radar sensor provides reliable level data to the PLC, which transfers the waste to treatment and refills the tank. Flowline is reliable level measurement.