Tiger Exhibit Water Pool Ultrasonic Level Measurement

 Tiger Exhibit Water Pool Ultrasonic Level Sensor
 Tiger Exhibit Water Pool Ultrasonic Level Transmitter When a Mississippi zoo needed reliable level measurement of their tiger exhibit pool, they turned to Flowline. Only 2500 Bengal tigers remain in the wild, and the zoo’s breeding program plays a key role in the species conservation. The veterinary team sites stress as the most critical factor in breeding success or failure, and nothing burns tiger stress faster than water play. But when 700 pound animals hit the pool, they can generate 3′ waves with lots of splashing. During which, the conductance level switches would chatter the fill valve, reducing the valves life and causing water hammer. The maintenance manager wanted a non-chattering reliable solution that could directly replace their existing level switch architecture. For this reason, Flowline suggested the use of our ultrasonic level sensors with embedded relays, control and dampening logic. The ultrasonic sensor provides dampened pool monitoring, and the relays were simply configured to the previous switch points. Flowline is reliable level measurement.