Wastewater Open Channel Radar Flow Measurement

Wastewater Open Channel Radar Flow Transmitter
Wastewater Open Channel Radar Flow Sensor

When a Northwest sugar processing plant needed reliable open channel flow measurement of their industrial waste stream, they turned to Flowline. The company measures, totalizes and reports the wastewater they release each month to the water plant for environmental compliance and treatment billing. The measurement is taken in a parshall flume located in the sewer entrance. Their waste discharge is hot, condensing and often foaming. The operator complained that the prior ultrasonic sensor was intermittent in this application, and they needed reliable measurement. For these reasons, Flowline suggested our radar sensors that are unaffected by media or environmental changes. The radar sensor provides reliable level data to the indicator which repeats the signal to the PLC for flow conversion and data logging. Flowline is reliable flow measurement.