Shipyard Wastewater Storage Tank Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

 Shipyard Wastewater Storage Tank Liquid Level Sensor
 Shipyard Wastewater Storage Tank Liquid Level Transmitter When a San Diego shipyard needed reliable level measurement and control of their wastewater bulk storage tanks, they turned to Flowline. On any day, workers can be seen scraping, sanding, painting or varnishing dozens of boats that are hauled out for annual maintenance. During wash down, residual materials drain into sumps, which in turn, pump the wastewater into storage tanks, safely staged for treatment. Here the operators had ongoing failures with float and conductance level switches due to material build-up on the sensors. For this reason, Flowline suggested the use of our non-contact ultrasonic sensors that provide maintenance free level measurement of coating wastewater. Each ultrasonic sensor provides continuous level data to the controller, which monitors the tank and transfers the wastewater when full. Flowline is reliable level measurement.