Resin Bulk Transfer Station Radar Level Measurement

Resin Bulk Transfer Station Radar Liquid Level Sensor

Resin Bulk Transfer Station Radar Liquid Level Transmitter

When a Northeast chemical manufacturer needed reliable level measurement of their transfer tanks, they turned to Flowline. The firm manufacturers water-based resins, adhesives and polymers that are delivered in tanker trucks or IBC totes. The chemicals are sticky, vaporous and often foaming when agitated. Tanker loads are transferred to the fill station and dispensed into trucks. The operator complained that previous ultrasonic level sensors became erratic during and shortly after the pump process, and they needed reliable measurement and spill prevention. For these reasons, Flowline suggested our radar sensors that are unaffected by the process and a high-level pump shut off. The radar sensors provide reliable level data to the PLC, which monitors the tanks and controls the fill station. Flowline is reliable level measurement.