Pump Jack Chem-Feed Tank Ultrasonic Level Measurement

Pump Jack Chemical Tank Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensor

Pump Jack Chemical Tank Ultrasonic Liquid Level Transmitter

When a California oil company needed reliable level measurement of their pump jack chemical feed tanks, they turned to Flowline. To maximize well production and minimize equipment failures, chemicals such as descalers, corrosion inhibitors and surfactants are commonly injected. As many wells are in remote locations and they operate at different rates, replenishing the tanks is typically enabled through level measurement and telemetry. The operator complained that past ultrasonic level sensors became intermittent during the frequent condensation cycle inside tank. For this reason, Flowline suggested our award winning reflective ultrasonic sensors that are unaffected by condensation. The intrinsically safe ultrasonic sensors provide reliable level data to the radio telemetry unit, which alarms for chemical truck replenishment. Flowline is reliable level measurement.