Diesel Generator Fuel Tank Guided Wave Level Measurement

Diesel Generator Fuel Tank Liquid Level Sensor
Diesel Generator Fuel Tank Liquid Level Sensor When a New Jersey equipment manufacturer needed reliable level measurement of their four backup power generators, they turned to Flowline. Each diesel generator is supplied by a 500 gallon fuel tank, and company procedures requires each to run for at least one hour a month. When audits found that the tanks were not being replenished, they determined that the float level switches were sticking due to coating, and they required periodic maintenance. The facility operators deemed that unacceptable and wanted reliable measurement. For this reason, Flowline suggested our guided wave liquid level sensors that are unaffected by coating and ideal for diesel fuel tanks applications. The guided wave sensors provide continuous level data to the PLC, which in turn, monitors the tanks for fuel replenishment. Flowline is reliable level measurement.