Diesel Boiler Storage Tank Radar Level Measurement

Diesel Boiler Tank Radar Level Sensor

Diesel Boiler Tank Radar Level Transmitter

When a Midwest aerospace company needed reliable level measurement of their boiler diesel storage tanks, they turned to Flowline. Each boiler room has a 300-gallon tank that’s refilled via tanker truck delivery. The truck fill stations are 1-2 stories above and 75-150 feet away from the tanks. Each station has a 0-100% level indicator that the driver uses to monitor the fill process. The maintenance staff said that the previous ultrasonic level sensors became unstable during tank filling due to foam and this had caused delivery problems. For this reason, Flowline suggested our intrinsically safe radar sensors that are unaffected by foam. The radar sensors provide reliable level data to the fill station indicators and building SCADA. Flowline is reliable level measurement.