Caustic Soda Storage Tank Radar Level Measurement

Caustic Soda Storage Tank Radar Liquid Level Sensor
Caustic Soda Storage Tank Radar Liquid Level Transmitter

When a Midwest chemical distributor needed reliable level measurement of their caustic bulk storage tank, they turned to Flowline. From which, the company fills and delivers IBC tote and drum containers of sodium hydroxide to their clients. Caustic soda foams when agitated, which often occurs during transfer from one tank to another. Each month, the storage tank is refilled via a rail tanker car delivery. During which, plant operators complained that previous ultrasonic level sensors became and remained unreliable, until the foam dissipated. For this reason, Flowline suggest our radar sensors that are unaffected by foam, vapor or corrosive media. The radar sensor provides reliable level data to the controller, which indicates the caustic inventory and alarms for replenishment. Flowline is reliable level measurement.