Boiler Feed Water Tank Guided Wave Level Sensor

Boiler Feed Water Tank Liquid Level Sensor
Boiler Feed Water Tank Liquid Level Transmitter When Mansfield University of PA needed reliable level measurement of their boiler feed water tanks, they turned to Flowline. Tired of float level failures caused by scaling or corrosion, and the resulting hot water crisis on campus, facility management decided to upgrade their feed tanks to reliable level measurement. The six tanks contain pre-heated water and recovered steam condensate, with an operating temperature of 140º-180º F. based on the season. Additionally, facility maintenance wished to install the sensors in their external stand pipe manifolds. For the above reasons, Flowline suggested the use of our guided wave level sensors with a coaxial antenna. The stainless steel sensor is unaffected by scaling, has a maximum operating temperature of 302º F., and is easily installed in a metal standpipe. The guided wave sensors provide continuous level data to the controller, which in turn, monitors the tanks and manages the boilers. Flowline is reliable level measurement.