Sodium Hypochlorite Tank Radar Level Measurement

Sodium Hypochlorite Tank Radar Liquid Level Sensor
Sodium Hypochlorite Tank Radar Liquid Level Transmitter

When a New Jersey manufacturer of pulp-based packaging needed reliable level measurement of their bleach storage tank, they turned to Flowline. The firm molds custom drink carriers for Starbucks and egg cartons for Vital Farms. Each starts from recycled paper that’s cleaned, shredded, crushed, and mixed with hot water and bleach to a specified consistency and color. A near continuous process, the company goes through 1-2 bulk tank deliveries of sodium hypochlorite per month. There the plant operators complained that previous ultrasonic level sensors were susceptible to vapor and would often become unreliable as the level dropped in the tank. For this reason, Flowline suggested our PTFE sheathed radar sensors that are unaffected by vapor and ideal for highly corrosive liquids. The radar sensor provides reliable level data to the PLC, which monitors the tank inventory and alarms for chemical replenishment. Flowline is reliable level measurement.