Backup Generator Tank Guided Wave Level Measurement

Diesel Generator Fuel Tank Guided Wave Liquid Level Sensor
Diesel Generator Fuel Tank Guided Wave Liquid Level Transmitter

When a Nevada municipality needed reliable level measurement of their emergency diesel generator fuel storage tanks, they turned to Flowline. Located outside the water plant, a pump lift station transfers sewage from adjacent communities to the plant for treatment. With the power grid under stress, plant operators installed two larger diesel storage tanks which doubled their generator run time. The system integrator contacted Flowline and requested a metal, high accuracy level sensor with the ability to output in gallons. For these reasons, Flowline suggested our stainless-steel guided wave sensor and WebCal configuration software that linearizes the output for tank shape and volume. The guided wave sensors provide reliable level data to the SCADA which monitors the tanks and alarms for fuel replenishment. Flowline is reliable level measurement.