Aerospace Scrubber Sump Ultrasonic Level Measurement

 Aerospace Scrubber Sump Liquid Level Sensor
 Aerospace Scrubber Sump Liquid Level Transmitter When a Northeast aerospace manufacturing firm needed reliable level measurement and control of their scrubber sump tanks, they turned to Flowline. Prior to safe release, gas waste streams with spent sulfuric acid are neutralized with sodium hydroxide in large wet scrubbers. Water recirculating through each system is constantly evaporating, and must be replenished several times a day. The operators complained that past float and conductance level switches often failed due to scaling caused by the high salt content of the water. For this reason, Flowline suggested our non-contact ultrasonic sensors with embedded relays and control logic. They simply configured the relays to mimic the previous switch points with a non-contact level switch, and problem solved. The ultrasonic sensors provide reliable water level detection, solenoid control and alarms. Flowline is reliable level measurement.