Waste Lift Station

Level Transmitters

Series LR30 LR15 LU23-29
Technology Pulse radar Pulse radar Ultrasonic
Classification General purpose General purpose General purpose
Corrosive Yes Diluted Yes
Foam Yes Yes No
Vapor Yes Yes No
Condensation Yes Yes Minimal
Agitation Yes Yes Minimal
Sumps < 6' (1.8m) No No Yes
Max. range 98.4′ (30m) 98.4′ (30m) 32.8′ (10m)
Max. temperature 212 F. (100°C.) 302° F. (150° C.) 140° F. (60° C.)
Installation Below sump top Above sump top Above sump top
Mount Bracket 1 1/2″ NPT 1″, 2″ NPT (G)
Configuration Push button Push button WebCal
Probe material Nylon 316L PVDF


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