Waste Recycling Tank Radar & Ultrasonic Level Measurement

Waste Recycle Tank Radar Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

Waste Recycle Tank Radar Ultrasonic Level Sensor

When an East Coast recycling company needed reliable level measurement of their waste storage and treatment tanks, they turned to Flowline. The firm transports, treats and safely disposes of liquid waste from manufacturing firms. Waste enters the facility in tanker trucks and is pumped into storage tanks. Then depending on type and classification, the waste is pumped into one of several treatment tank processes. Once treated, the waste is briefly stored and then disposed of in an appropriate way. Level measurement is imperative to the operation, and the facility needed to update their sensors. For this reason, Flowline suggested radar sensors in the foaming or vaporous storage and treatment tanks, and ultrasonic sensors in the non-foaming chemical storage and treated wastewater tanks. The level sensors provide reliable level data to the PLC, which monitors the tanks and controls the process. Flowline is reliable level measurement.