School Sewer Lift Station Radar Level Transmitter

School Sewer Lift Station Liquid Level Sensor

School Sewer Lift Station Liquid Level Transmitter

When Easton Pennsylvania Middle School needed reliable level measurement of their sewer pump lift station, they turned to Flowline. The pump station services 2,300 students and faculty, collecting and transferring cafeteria, gym, toilet and operational waste streams from the school to treatment plant. Filled with fecal waste, soapy foam and trash that disables float level switches, and requires expensive down-hole maintenance, district staff needed a reliable level solution. For this reason, Flowline suggested the use of our non-contact radar level sensor that is unaffected by foam, turbulence, fecal waste or trash. The radar sensor provides continuous level data to the SCADA, which in turn, monitors the station and controls the pumps. Flowline is reliable level measurement.