Reliable Sewer Lift Station Radar Level Measurement

 Reliable Sewer Lift Station Radar Level Sensor

 Reliable Sewer Lift Station Radar Level Transmitter

When an Oregon municipality needed reliable level measurement of their sewer pump lift stations, they turned to Flowline. That was years ago, and it’s still delivering reliable level measurement. At the time, the operator said, float switches coat with grease, pressure gets beat up by pumps, and ultrasonic is susceptible to foam and condensation. We’re tired of false level alarms, maintenance or replacement. We need one sensor that works in this application. For this reason, Flowline suggested our radar level sensors that are unaffected by such variables in the media, process or environment. The radar sensors provide reliable level data to the SCADA that monitors the sumps and controls pump transfer to the plant. Flowline is reliable level measurement.