Popsicle Dispenser Machine Ultrasonic Level Measurement

Popsicle Dispenser Machine Tank Liquid Level Sensor
Popsicle Dispenser Machine Tank Liquid Level Transmitter

When a Missouri beverage manufacturer needed reliable level measurement and control of their popsicle bottling line, they turned to Flowline. The company formulates, blends, packages and ships a variety of popsicle products to Midwest retailers. Once blended, the syrupy liquid is transferred to their packaging system dispensing tanks. There process engineers complained that previous float level switches would often stick, causing product overflows or outages that stopped production. For this reason, Flowline suggested the use of our non-contact ultrasonic sensors that are designed to replace float or conductance switches in small tank applications. The ultrasonic sensor provides continuous level data to the controller, which indicates the liquid height and controls the refill process. Flowline is reliable level measurement.