Neutralization Tank Backflow Ultrasonic Level Detection

Neutralization Chip Tank Backflow Liquid Level Switch
Neutralization Chip Tank Backflow Ultrasonic Liquid Level Detection

When Massachusetts Institute of Technology needed reliable backflow detection of their acid wastewater neutralization system, they turned to Flowline. Chemical engineering lab waste drains into small under sink lift stations that sequentially pump the waste to the basement. There the waste enters a limestone chip tank, where it dilutes and neutralizes for two hours, before the next transfer pushes the previously neutralized batch into the sewer. Regulations require a method for detecting backflow in the pipe trap, and the maintenance team wanted strong corrosion resistance. For this reason, Flowline suggested our PP ultrasonic level switch inserted to the base of the outlet pipe. That was nine years ago and its still working reliably. The ultrasonic switch provides reliable level detection to the DCS, which monitors the switch and alarms during backflow. Flowline is reliable level measurement.