Foaming Wastewater Mix Tank Radar Level Transmitter

Foaming Wastewater Tank Radar Level Measurement

Foaming Wastewater Tank Radar Level Transmitter

When a Midwest environmental services company needed reliable level measurement of their mixing tanks, they turned to Flowline. The firm transports, treats and safely disposes of wastewater from a wide range of industry sources. Once filtered, the media enters their treatment process starting with large neutralization mix tanks. In which, the media foams during and after agitation. The I&C tech was dissatisfied with prior ultrasonic level sensors that became erratic during foaming, and they needed reliable corrosion resistant level measurement. For these reasons, the integrator suggested our non-contact 80-GHz radar sensors that are unaffected by foam and constructed of PVDF. Problem solved. The radar sensors provide reliable level data to the PLC which monitors the tanks and controls the process. Flowline is reliable level measurement.