Foaming Sewer Pump Lift Station Radar Level Measurement

 Foaming Sewer Pump Lift Station Radar Level Sensor

 Foaming Sewer Pump Lift Station Radar Level Transmitter

When an Oklahoma municipality needed reliable level measurement of a problematic pump station, they turned to Flowline. Adjacent to a dairy farm, the station was dubbed the “heffahfoamer” by the maintenance team. Once a week, dairy operators deep clean their milking stations using detergent, brushes, disinfectant and power washers. While the wastewater is properly collected and treated prior to release, as it enters the station, the water becomes agitated and it foams for hours. During which, the previous ultrasonic level sensor’s acoustic signal was attenuated by the surface foam, and it remained intermittent until the foam cleared. For this reason, Flowline suggested our robust radar sensors that are unaffected by foam, agitation or vapor. The radar sensor provides reliable level data to the SCADA system, which monitors the station and controls the pumps. Flowline is reliable level measurement.