HVAC Condensate Recovery Tank Float Level Measurement

HVAC Condensate Recovery Tank Float Liquid Level Sensor
HVAC Condensate Recovery Tank Float Liquid Level Transmitter When Los Angeles Airport needed reliable level measurement of their HVAC condensate recovery tanks, they turned to Flowline. LAX is completing a $14B terminal renovation, and water conservation is a critical requirement. Condensate is recovered, treated and recycled back into the cooling towers through a network of collection tanks. The tanks design specification called for the use of redundant float level transmitters connected to independent level controllers for the transfer of condensate to separate treatment and recycling systems. For this reason, Flowline suggested the use of our FloaTek level transmitters, DataView relay controllers, and dual controller NEMA boxes. The float sensors provide continuous level data to the relay controllers, which indicate the level and control the solenoids. Flowline is reliable level measurement.