Restaurant Septic Tank Guided Wave Level Transmitter

Restaurant Septic Tank Guided Wave Liquid Level Sensor
Restaurant Septic Tank Guided Wave Liquid Level Transmitter When a Texas restaurant needed reliable level measurement of their septic tank, they turned to Flowline. Greywater, cooking oil, soap and grease enter the tank daily, and depending upon business volume and leach field efficiency, the tank requires pumping 1-3 times per month. Like most operators, they’re focused on customers, not septic tanks and back-ups were inevitable. When it came time for a new septic system, reliable tank measurement was at the top their list, and they wanted a level sensor that performs in coating liquids. For this reason, Flowline suggested the use of our guided wave sensor with rod antenna, that’s unaffected by material build-up on the sensor. The guided wave sensor provides continuous level data to the indicator-alarm. Flowline is reliable level measurement.