Lumber Mill Machinery Sump Ultrasonic Level Measurement

Cooling Tower Water Sump Ultrasonic Level Sensor
Cooling Tower Water Sump Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

When a Florida lumber mill needed reliable level measurement of their machine sumps, they turned to Flowline. During and after significant rain or tidal events, the low-lying land can quickly flood, putting staff and machinery in harm’s way. Sump pumps keep the operation safe most of the time, but when the infill rate exceeds pump capacity, sump levels rise and inevitably flood the property. The operator said that during such events, minutes count and he wanted to detect the trend and alarm early, versus waiting for a slower rise to reach a high-level state. For this reason, Flowline suggested our ultrasonic level sensors installed over each sump. The ultrasonic sensors provide reliable level data to the PLC that monitors the sumps, alarms on a rising trend and shuts down the machines prior to flooding. Flowline is reliable level measurement.