Coastal Canal Flood Control Radar Level Measurement

 Coastal Canal Flood Control Radar Level Sensor
 Coastal Canal Flood Control Radar Level

When a Florida community needed reliable level measurement of their residential water canals, they turned to Flowline. The canals provide boat access to coastal waters, storm drainage and flood control during significant weather. At each road culvert, a gate controls the open water flow or transfer from one side of the canal to the other, to balance the tidal and storm inflows with canal capacity. There the system integrator required two level sensors, one to measure on each side of the vaulted gate, and both must perform in sun, rain, high wind and storm turbulence. For these reasons, Flowline suggested our radar sensors that are unaffected by the environment and designed for outdoor use. The radar sensors provide reliable level data to the SCADA which monitors the levels and controls the gates. Flowline is reliable level measurement.