Automotive Paint Mix Tank Ultrasonic Level Measurement

Automotive Paint Mix Tank Liquid Level Sensor
Automotive Paint Mix Tank Liquid Level Transmitter When Volkswagen Group in China needed reliable level measurement of the paint mix tanks at their Jetta manufacturing plant, they turned to Flowline. Solid and enamel paints are continuously batched, blended and pumped to the paint line where robots apply color and clear coats to primared car bodies. The process engineers required intrinsically safe, non-contact level measurement, and we’re very concerned with the negative effects of splashing on the level sensors. For these reasons, Flowline suggested our EchoTouch ultrasonic level sensor, installed in an unusually tall riser mount. The riser eliminated the possibility of paint reaching the sensors, and was acceptable in this application due to the short measurement range. Thirty-two ultrasonic sensors provide reliable level data to the PLC, which in turn, controls the tank batching, mixing and pumping processes. Flowline is reliable level measurement.