Resin Plastic Pellet Silo Radar Level Measurement

Resin Plastic Pellet Silo Radar Level Transmitter

Resin Plastic Pellet Silo Radar Level Sensor

When an East Coast plastics manufacturer needed reliable level measurement of their resin pellet silos, they turned to Flowline. The company produces high quality plastic components for pharmaceutical packaging and medical machine applications. Recent supply chain delays exposed the need for improved pellet inventory data, purchase and production planning. The operator required six level sensors capable of measuring up to 65′ for connection to a multi-channel display at their rail loading dock. For this reason, Flowline suggested our solids radar sensors with rotational flanges for easy mounting and aiming. The radar sensors provide reliable level data to the indicator, which monitors the silos and alarms for pellet replenishment. Flowline is reliable level measurement.