Reservoir Dam Gate Spillway Radar Level Measurement

 Reservoir Dam Gate Spillway Radar Level Transmitter

 Reservoir Dam Gate Spillway Radar Level Sensor

When a Michigan township needed reliable level measurement of their lakeside dam, they turned to Flowline. The reservoir is part of an aging network of smaller dams that manage water retention and flow across the county. During peak rain, the dam can quickly reach maximum capacity, unless the spillway gates are concurrently opened wide up. Last year, a sister dam overflowed and flooded seventy homes to the South. The cause was determined to be an exposed ultrasonic level sensor, which during the storm, had stopped measuring in the extreme rain and wind. City managers said, “Not here”, and instructed their system integrator to install redundant, bullet proof sensors on their dam. Flowline then suggested our radar level sensors, that are specifically designed for outdoor environmental applications. The radar sensors provide reliable level data to the SCADA, which proportionately controls the spillway. Flowline is reliable level measurement.