GE Turbine Generator Sump Ultrasonic Level Sensor

GE Turbine Generator Sump Liquid Level Sensor
GE Turbine Generator Sump Liquid Level Sensor When JFK International airport needed reliable level measurement of their GE LM6000 turbine generator waste sump, they turned to Flowline. The gas turbine provides power to the air traffic control system. During their annual maintenance shut down, it was found that the conductance level switches in the turbine waste sump had failed due to oily material build-up. For this reason, Flowline suggested the use of our non-contact ultrasonic level sensors that are unaffected by coating wastewater. The sensor’s four integral relays were easily configured to mimic the previous conductance level switch points, and thus required no changes in PLC programming. The ultrasonic sensor provides switch inputs to the PLC, which in turn, alerts the airport pumper truck to pick up the wastewater. Flowline is reliable level measurement.