Offered in vertical and horizontal configurations, the general purpose mini-float level switches provide reliable liquid level detection of clean water and chemical solutions with a 50VA or 30VA reed switch output. Media examples include water and sulfuric acid. The polypropylene or PVDF liquid level sensors are mounted vertically inside the tank or horizontally through the tank wall as a high level alarm or low level alarm.


  • Simple low-cost level switch solution for basic applications
  • Offered in both vertical and horizontal mounting configurations
  • Dry contact reed switch selectable NO or NC via float orientation
  • Small PP or PVDF sensor body with PVC, TFE or polymeric cable


P/N Description From
LH25-1201 Horizontal, PP, 1/2″ NPT $38.00
LH25-5201 Horizontal, PVDF, 1/2″ NPT $112.00
LV20-1201 Vertical, PP, 1/8″ NPT $40.00
LV20-1251 Vertical, PP, 1/8″ R $40.00
LV20-5201 Vertical, PVDF, 1/8″ NPT $80.00
LV20-5251 Vertical, PVDF, 1/8″ R $80.00



Orientation: LV20: ±20° vertical, LH25: ±20° horizontal

Accuracy: ± 5mm in water

Repeatability: ± 2mm in water

Specific gravity: LV20: 0.8 minimum, LH25: 0.6 minimum

Contact type: (1) SPST reed

Contact rating: LV20: 120 VAC/VDC @ 50 VA, LH25: 120 VAC/VDC @ 30 VA

Contact output: Selectable NO/NC

Process temp.: LV20: F: -40° to 176°, C: -40° to 80°, LH25: F: -40° to 221°, C: -40° to 105°

Max. pressure: LV20: 10 psi (0.7 bar), LH25: 100 psi (6.9 bar)

Sensor rating: NEMA 6 (IP68)

Sensor material: LV20-12X1: PP, LV20-52X1: PVDF, LH25-1201: PP, LH25-5201: PVDF

Wire jack. mat.: LV20-12X1: PVC, LV20-52X1: TFE, LH25-1201: Polymeric, LH25-5201: TFE

Wire type: 2-conductor, #22 AWG

Wire length: 2’ (61cm)

Process mount: LV20: 1/8” NPT (R), LH25: 1/2” NPT

Classification: General purpose

Compliance: CE