Intrinsically safe for use in hazardous locations, the ultrasonic level transmitter provides continuous level measurement up to 18’ (5.4m), and is configured via its integral push button display module. This non-contact liquid level sensor is ideally suited for corrosive, sticky or waste liquids, and is selected for bulk storage, day tank, skid or machine and process tank applications located within a classified area.


  • LCD digital display indicates level in inches or centimeters
  • PP enclosure rated NEMA 4X with rugged Kynar® transducer
  • EasyCal simple push button calibration for all user set points
  • Adjustable dead band and range filters eliminate false echo returns


P/N Description From
LU20-5001-IS 5.4m (18′) range, 2″ NPT Discontinued
LU20-5061-IS 5.4m (18′) range, 2″ G Discontinued
LB11-1001 Intrinsic safety barrier Discontinued



Range: 6″ to 18′ (15cm to 5.4m)

Accuracy: ± 0.25% of range

Resolution: 0.125″ (3mm)

Dead band: 6″ (15cm)

Beam width: 8° conical

Configuration: Push button

Memory: Non-volatile

Display type: LCD, 4-digit

Display units: Inch or cm

Supply voltage: 12-32 VDC

Loop resist.: 600 Ohms @ 24 VDC

Signal output: 4-20 mA, two-wire

Signal invert: 4-20 mA, 20-4 mA

Signal fail-safe: Reverts to safe state during echo loss

Process temp.: F: -4° to 140°, C: -20° to 60°

Temp. comp.: Automatic

Ambient temp.: F: -40° to 140°, C: -40° to 60°

Pressure: 30 psi (2 bar) @ 25° C, derated @ 1.667 psi
(.113 bar) per °C above 25° C

Enclosure rating: NEMA 4X (IP65)

Encl. material: PP, UL94VO

Conduit entrance: Single, 1/2″ NPT

Trans. material: PVDF

Process mount: 2″ NPT (2″ G)

Mount gasket: Viton®

Classification: Intrinsically safe

Compliance: CE

Approvals: CSA: Class I, Groups A, B, C, D; Class II, Groups E, F, G; Class III; T3C

Parameters: CSA: Vmax < 32.0 V; Imax < 130 mA; Ca = 0 uF; La = 0 uH

Certificates: CSA: LR 79326


If you want help in selecting a sensor for your application, please submit a Level Questionnaire. An engineer will review your requirements and suggest a product solution via email.