Diatomaceous Earth Slurry Liquid Level Switch


Sodium-HypochloriteWhen a California bleach manufacturer needed reliable level measurement of their diatomaceous earth mixing tanks, they turned to Flowline. A fine white powder of up to 90% silica, diatomaceous earth is mixed with water and injected into filtration systems to improve filter performance. Very sticky, the slurry coats everything it comes into contact with, including their failing high level switches. For this reason, Flowline suggested the use of our non-stick, PFA Teflon® ultrasonic level switches that are unaffected by coating build-up. The ultrasonic switch is mounted on Switch-Pak™ to the desired high level alarm position. The 12-36 VDC powered sensor provides a 1A relay contact to the PLC, which in turn, closes the fill valve and actuates an audible alarm. Flowline is reliable level switching.