Chemical Process Mix Tank Radar Level Sensor

 Chemical Process Mix Tank Liquid Level Sensor

 Chemical Process Mix Tank Liquid Level Transmitter

When a global manufacturer of water treatment chemicals needed reliable level measurement of their manufacturing process tanks, they turned to Flowline. Their chemicals protect metal equipment in cooling tower, boiler and petroleum applications, with corrosion resistant and anti-scaling properties. Products are blended to order based on the metals involved and customer water chemistry. For level measurement, they have two basic applications, chemical and ultrapure water storage tanks, and reactor batch mix tanks. In other plants, contact level sensors had proven costly, due to material build-up, and the resulting need for maintenance. For these reasons, Flowline suggested the use of our ultrasonic sensors in the quiet storage tanks, and radar sensors in the dynamic mix tanks with agitation, foam and vapor. The non-contact sensors provide continuous level data to the PLC, which monitors the tanks and controls the process. Flowline is reliable level measurement.