Carbon Powder Mix Tank Level Ultrasonic Level Measurement

Carbon Powder Mix Tank Liquid Level Sensor
Carbon Powder Mix Tank Liquid Level Transmitter When an Oregon water treatment plant needed reliable level measurement of their carbon mix tanks, they turned to Flowline. During the hot months of summer, reservoir temperatures rise. Concurrently, water inflows contain unusually high levels of algae and other organic compounds that negatively effect water quality, taste and smell. To combat this, the plant injects activated carbon solution into the water that naturally absorbs organic material. Carbon batches are made up in mix tanks that blend water and carbon powder into solution. Plant operators were dissatisfied with previous float level switches that would often stick due to material build-up, and required frequent maintenance. For this reason, Flowline suggested the use of our non-contact ultrasonic level sensors that are unaffected by coating liquids. The ultrasonic sensors provide continuous level data to the relay controller, which automatically makes up each batch. Flowline is reliable level measurement.