Turbine Cooling Water Liquid Level Sensor

Gas, steam and water turbines, are rotational mechanical devices that transform energy from fluid flow, and convert it into electricity. In the process of doing so, heat is generated, which must be managed to maximize turbine efficiency and minimize parts wear. This is typically done with a continuous flow of cooling water that surrounds the turbine and extracts heat for dissipation in a separate process. Once reclaimed, treated and cooled, the water is stored in a bulk tank, prior to being recirculated back to the turbine. At this US power plant, an EchoSonic ultrasonic level transmitter is installed in an underground bulk storage tank. The non-contact sensor provides continuous level data to the PLC, which in turn, operates the cooling process. As the level drops due to evaporation, a valve is actuated to refill that portion of water loss to the system. EchoSonic is reliable cooling water level measurement.