Lubricant Bulk Storage Liquid Level Sensor


When Canoil Canada, a custom blender, packager and distributor of lubricants needed a reliable level measurement solution for their bulk oil and grease tanks, they turned to Flowline. Petroleum products are often difficult to measure due to their higher viscosity and resulting tendency to coat, propensity to coagulate at lower temperatures and outgas vapor. Bulk petroleum is typically contained in horizontal or rectangular steel tanks that are often heated to ensure product consistency and flow into customer specific batch quantities. Canoil had tried numerous level sensing technologies with unacceptable results due to coating and vapor. As such, Flowline suggested the use of non-contact pulse radar which is unaffected by most process variables. The result was accurate and reliable level measurement. Here, an EchoPulse pulse radar level transmitter is installed on an 8′ horizontal bulk oil tank. The operator easily configured the sensor using its push button display module. The 4-20 mA signal is connected to a DataView indicator for local inventory and alarms.